About Us

Fisheries & Coastal Development Department is devoted to marine/freshwater conservation and ecosystem. Since its founding, the department has achieved hundreds of concrete policy victories for protection of marine life and freshwater habitats. As part of its campaigns, the department is involved in efforts to end illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing in territorial waters of Balochistan. The organization also works to improve the management of existing marine protected areas (MPAs) and develop effective, long-term conservation strategies to protect and restore key habitats. On a regional level, it is a trusted conservation leader, empowering local communities to manage marine resources sustainably. The organization has the onus of master planning of the longest coastline of the nation, and has remained involved in various key projects towards sustainable development of Balochistan coastline. While remaining within the natural limits for protection of the marine and environment through development of ecotourism and preserving natural and geographical features of the coastline.


To conserve the oceanic resources in Coastal belt and fresh water eco-systems of Balochistan by building local and national capacities and to build leadership in conservation of Fisheries resources through education and community engagement


To regulate Fisheries activities in Balochistan in the light of Fisheries Laws and to facilitate local fishermen and investors to exploit aquatic resources in sustainable limits.


Organizational Structure